#168 - Malcolm James On The Glorification Of Plunder And How We Misunderstand Tax

#168 - Malcolm James On The Glorification Of Plunder And How We Misunderstand Tax

Malcolm James is the Head of Department of the Accounting, Economics and Finance Department at Cardiff Metropolitan University and has lectured widely on the subject of taxation on both professional and undergraduate courses. He has also lectured for the Chartered Institute of Taxation and written a number of articles for their journal Tax Adviser and is the Chief Examiner for taxation by the Institute of Financial Services. Before becoming a lecturer he worked for several large firms of accountants and also in industry.

The Glorification Of Plunder -

This book is about two things: tax and power. It explores the complex dynamics of the debates which inform tax policy, the interaction between tax and power and how power relations between various groups in society and between individuals and the state are manifested through tax system. This helps to explain why the rules, procedures and practices are all formulated to suit their interests of the most powerful groups in society. 


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