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A series of conversations (some not-so-mindless Chatter if you will) with thought leaders, politicians, YouTubers, academics, authors, and more. We discuss everything from politics and economics to society and culture. Chatter is podcast from [](, hosted by Josh Hamilton.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #150 - Professor Rafael Yuste On Mapping Neurons, Neuro-Rights, And Understanding The Human Brain

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Rafael Yuste is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia University and directs its Neurotechnology Center. He led a small group of scientists that inspired the US BRAIN Initiative, announced by President Barack Obama in 2013, and helped form the International Brain Initiative (IBI) ...


  2. #149 - Andrew Mo Money On Short Squeezes, Reddit Manipulation, And Retail Investor Power

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( YouTuber Andrew Mo Money is todays guest! He is a self described millennial money Batman if his utility belt only had nerdy gadgets to make and save money. As a 26-year-old cryptocurrency data scientist in Silicon Valley that built 9 streams of passive income ...


  3. #148 - Taylor Hudak On Freedom Of Speech, Julian Assange, And Building New Social Media

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Taylor Hudak, MA, is an independent journalist focusing on free speech, press freedoms, whistleblowing and US foreign policy. Taylor's work can be found on acTVism Munich YouTube channel, as well as The Last American Vagabond. We had a great conversation about freedom of speech ...


  4. #147 - Jackson Hunter On The AMC Short Squeeze, GameStop, And The Power Of The Reddit Community

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Jackson Hunter is a musician, YouTuber, and AMC and GME enthusiast. He came to investing towards the end of last year, beginning by trading options, and eventually (like most of us in this saga) was drawn to AMC and GME when he realised the ...


  5. #146 - Professor John Krakauer On The Science Of Learning And Gamifying Neurological Repair And Rehab

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Dr. Krakauer is currently John C. Malone Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Director of the Brain, Learning, Animation, and Movement Lab ( at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His areas of research interest are: (1) Experimental and computational ...