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A series of conversations (some not-so-mindless Chatter if you will) with thought leaders, politicians, YouTubers, academics, authors, and more. We discuss everything from politics and economics to society and culture. Chatter is podcast from [](, hosted by Josh Hamilton.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #125 - Jenin Younes on The Left Wing Case Against Lockdowns

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Jenin Younes was my guest on this episode of Chatter. Jenin is a contributor at AIER and a New York City Defender. She is also one of the few left wing lockdown sceptics that I have encountered over the past year and believes that lockdowns ...


  2. #124 - Peter Geoghegan On Covid Contract Corruption and Government Transparency

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Peter Geoghegan is back for round 2! Peter is a writer at openDemocracy and author of the book Democracy For Sale all about the corruption, dark money, and astroturfing going on in British politics. We had him on the show last year to talk about ...


  3. #123 - Bret Schafer on Information Warfare and How Social Media Disrupts Democracy

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Bret Schafer from the Alliance for Securing Democracy was my guest on today’s show. I first spoke to Bret 3 years ago on the show to discuss the weaponisation of information and the threat to democracy. Now, three years later, things have unfortunately got worse ...


  4. #122 - Alien Scientist Jeremy Rys on Sci-Fi Tech, Bob Lazar, Metallic Glass and Warp Drives

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Jeremy Rys, AKA Alien Scientist, was my guest on this episode of the show. Jeremy is a Physics graduate who apparently never learned the difference between science fiction and reality. He has spent the past 15 years researching declassified government programs related to advanced technology ...


  5. #121 - Kyle Taylor On Dark Ads And The Case For Regulating Social Media

    [**Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!!**]( Kyle Taylor, the founder of Fair Vote UK, was my guest on today’s show! Fair Vote UK is a campaign group dedicated to addressing a lot of issues that I describe in my book, Brexit: The Establishment Civil War including dark ads, censorship, echo chambers, ...