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A series of conversations (some not-so-mindless Chatter if you will) with thought leaders, politicians, YouTubers, academics, authors, and more. We discuss everything from politics and economics to society and culture. Chatter is podcast from [](, hosted by Josh Hamilton.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Chatter #172 - Gavin Esler On English Nationalism, Scottish Independence And The Breakup Of The UK

    Gavin Esler is an award-winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist. He is the author of five novels and four non-fiction books, most recently How Britain Ends - English Nationalism and the Re-birth of Four Nations. It’s a forensic examination of the way in which resurgent English ...


  2. Chatter #171 - Mo Hormozzadeh On Escaping Iran, GameStop, And Price Manipulation

    Mo Hormozzadeh is a CFA level 3 candidate, holds a Masters degree in Financial Engineering, from NYU, and a Bachelors in Economics. He fled Iran after being arrested for publishing magazines on his university campus speaking out against the government that led to him spending 16 ...


  3. #170 - Ryan Hartwig on the Censorship Inside Facebook And How Big Tech Is Corrupting Our World

    Ryan Hartwig is a Facebook whistleblower and author of the new book, Behind The Mask Of Facebook: A Whistleblower's Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship.  Hired by Cognizant as a content moderator for Facebook, Ryan Hartwig began by keeping gruesome images of ...


  4. #169 - Steve Grumbine on MMT, Tax, and a Federal Jobs Guarantee

    Steven D. Grumbine was a conservative Republican who revered Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. He was raised with the social belief that no one was deserving of a handout, that everyone must pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Steve’s mother and father had ...


  5. #168 - Malcolm James On The Glorification Of Plunder And How We Misunderstand Tax

    Malcolm James is the Head of Department of the Accounting, Economics and Finance Department at Cardiff Metropolitan University and has lectured widely on the subject of taxation on both professional and undergraduate courses. He has also lectured for the Chartered Institute of Taxation and written a number of articles for ...