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A series of conversations (some not-so-mindless Chatter if you will) with thought leaders, politicians, YouTubers, academics, authors, and more. We discuss everything from politics and economics to society and culture. Chatter is a podcast from, hosted by Josh Hamilton.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #200 [Live] - Dr Randy Thornhill: Parasite Stress And How Disease Shapes Our Politics

    Covid has caused massive upheaval and disruption around the world, but something I had not given a lot of thought to was the idea that disease shapes our political leanings. The concept of parasite stress is one that has been studied by my guest Dr Randy Thornhill for ...


  2. #199 - Paul Fritjers: Lockdowns, Science, And The Great Covid Panic

    A lot of the discussion about an inquiry into the covid response has been, in my view, poorly framed. There are massive lessons to be learned from this pandemic, but I believe that a huge segment of this is being ignored - what the cost of lockdowns will ...


  3. Chatter #198 - Tim Weninger On Reddit, GameStop, And The Hive Mind Of The Internet

    Throughout the entire GameStop saga, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the idea of a hive mind. I’ve dedicated an entire chapter in my forthcoming book to this idea and I wanted to get Tim’s perspective. I first came across his work on hive minds when ...


  4. #197 - Magic Man London On Magic, Performance and Psychology

    Magic Man London was my guest on today's show. David showed me some incredible tricks on camera - I cannot work out how he made this happen. He keeps finding my card!!! We spoke about counting cards in black jack, how he took handcuffs from a policewoman, and ...


  5. #196 - Lawyer Of The Apes: Taking Citadel And Robinhood To Court

    Today I am speaking to the Lawyer of the Apes about GameStop and the lawsuit against Citadel and Robinhood. We wanted to walk through the court case, the response from Citadel, and what we can expect to happen over the next few months! HELP ME CROWDFUND MY ...