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A series of conversations (some not-so-mindless Chatter if you will) with thought leaders, politicians, YouTubers, academics, authors, and more. We discuss everything from politics and economics to society and culture. Chatter is a podcast from, hosted by Josh Hamilton.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #190 - John Coffey On Philanthrocapitalism, PFOF, Retail Investors, And The Approaching Crash

    John Coffey worked at BNB Paribas for 30 years, retiring as head of trading at the age of 52. He led a team of Traders & Sales Professionals who managed the bank's liquidity & capital resources, trading FX, Bonds & Derivatives and selling related products & ...


  2. #189 - Calvin Robinson On Vaccine Passports, Critical Race Theory, And Politics In 2021

    Calvin Robinson is a British conservative political commentator, policy advisor and campaigner who is a senior fellow at Policy Exchange. Robinson is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and regularly appears on Talk Radio and GB News.  Resources ...


  3. #188 - Paul Mason On Fascism, Authoritarianism, And The Polarisation Of Politics

    Paul Mason is a journalist, writer and film-maker. His latest book How To Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance describes the rise of the modern far-right, its colonisation of  conservatism and right-wing populism, and the danger it poses amid the wider process of democratic decay. It argues that, faced ...


  4. #187 - Ben Mezrich on GameStop, Reddit, and The Antisocial Network

    Ben Mezrich is the author of Bringing Down The House, The Accidental Billionaires, and the brand new book The Antisocial Network. Anyone who follows this podcast will know that I have been writing my own book on the GameStop Saga, so before I spoke to Ben and read ...


  5. #186 - Professor Bobby Duffy On Generations And How Humans Change Through The Ages

    Bobby is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute. Prior to joining King's in 2018, Bobby was Managing Director of Public Affairs for Ipsos MORI, which is a team of around 250 researchers in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Brussels, and Global Director of the Ipsos Social Research ...